Awesome! Your remodel is done and you now have a new kitchen, basement, master bathroom or whole-house remodel. While the workers are done and they have left, you’re not quite done with the remodeling project. There are a few more things you should really do before you close the book on this specific project.

Do a Walk-Through

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A final walk-through is necessary. You want to schedule this with your contractor and make sure to go through any final “punch list” items. If your contractor doesn’t schedule this meeting with you, it’s necessary to schedule it yourself.

The final walk-through is the time to point out anything that wasn’t 100% completed or done perfectly. Good remodeling contractors will be looking at every detail and looking for any imperfections. The goal is to write down anything you notice and create a “punch list” to hold the contractor accountable for.


Remodeling contractors and workers will often clean up after themselves, to an extent. They are not grandma and may not clean up to your standards. Plus, everything is new and needs a good deep cleaning, anyway. You don’t know who has touched it or what they may have left on the fixtures.

Dust and debris will find its way into places you didn’t even know it could go during a remodeling project. While good contractors do their very best to control this, it’s not something that can always be completely controlled. After a remodeling project is complete, hire a professional cleaning company to do a deep clean of the room and the surrounding area.

If you decided to squeeze your budget as far as you could on the remodel, you may be stuck doing the clean-up yourself. This isn’t just a quick wipe down, however. It should be treated as a full deep clean and may take hours to complete. Make sure you completely clean the area before moving furniture or personal items back into the room.

You should also replace any furnace or A/C filters as they may have filled up with dust much faster. Consider having your ducts and HVAC system cleaned, as well.

Update Your Insurance

A huge mistake many homeowners make is not updating their insurance after a remodeling job. You may need to adjust your limits based on the value of the home. Some remodeling projects will add value to your home and this needs to be reflected in your homeowner’s policy. It’s also a good idea to register any new appliances or new products to ensure you can make warranty claims, if necessary.

Move Back into the Room

After you’ve gone through the final walk-through, everything has been completed from the “punch list”, you have completed the deep cleaning process and you’ve updated your insurance, it’s time to move back into the room. You can move in all the items you used to have there including furniture and personal items. Now is the best time to decide how you want to decorate as you may want to eliminate some of the old items and replace them with something new.

Create a Maintenance Checklist

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With a new remodel comes new home maintenance. Some items and materials require more maintenance than others. You should be given instruction manuals for anything requiring them and even cleaning or care instructions for surfaces and other items. It’s also a good idea to ask your contractor if you’re not sure.

Some of the things to keep in mind include:

  • Caulk – Any plumbing fixtures and trim work will likely get caulked during the project. The caulk will not last forever and you should be aware of the contractor covers re-caulking under the warranty. It’s also necessary to mark this as something to have done per your contractor’s suggestions.
  • Natural Stone – Granite, marble and some other countertops have to be resealed periodically or they will stain. Make sure you consider this.
  • Filters – If you got a new HVAC system or furnace, remember to change the filters regularly.
  • Wood Flooring – Some wood flooring needs to be refinished after several years. It’s also a good idea to install felt pads on heavy furniture to protect these floors.


Now you can celebrate! Your remodeling project is done and you’ve done your part after the remodeling job was completed. Take pictures to document the new room in its perfect shape and open a bottle of your favorite beverage to toast your new space.