Building waterfront isn’t the same as building on a common neighborhood lot. If you’ve dreamed of living on the lake and you want a waterfront property, you need to understand what you’re getting into.

Of course, the idea of enjoying the tranquility of the water, the nice breezes off the lake and all the wonderful benefits of living waterfront make it dreamy. However, there are some tips you should consider if you plan to build a waterfront custom home. Here are the top seven tips to consider.

Have your Lot Reviewed by a Specialist

A specialist will be able to tell you if you the erosion history of the lot, the soil condition and the slope slop condition. This is vital information when building a waterfront custom home. You really want to consider this information when you buy a waterfront lot, along with the floodplains and the stability of the lot.

Consider Zoning Restrictions

Whether you look at zoning before you buy a lot or after, it needs to be considered. You may be limited as to what you can build on your lot by the “allowable lot coverage” and the zoning laws. You want to make sure you can build the property you desire including a deck, driveway and the home of your dreams.

Consider the Shoreline Restrictions

There may be specific restrictions that govern the shoreline where the property may be placed, as well make sure you take these into consideration to ensure you can put the home on the lot where you prefer it. This should be considered before you buy the lot.

Understand Clearing Restrictions

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If you have trees on your lot, consider the thinning or clearing restrictions you may have to adhere to. Clearing trees may help make your view better, but it could also be an issue if there are restrictions keeping you from doing so.

Know the Water Depths

You should be aware of the water depths near your property, especially if you’re a boater. You want to know that you can get your boat out and you can build a dock for your boat if that’s a part of your plans.

Speak with Neighbors

One of the best sources of information for the area is the neighbors. They will be able to help by telling you any issues they faced or you may face, along with any neighborhood information you may need.

Understand Waterfront Property Responsibilities

As a waterfront property owner, you’ll have more responsibilities compared to owning a traditional home off the water. You need to make sure you understand the HOA requirements, any covenants, restrictions or conditions you may run into and the added responsibilities your property may add.

Building a waterfront custom home isn’t the same as a common custom home. There are several things to consider if your dream is to live on the lake or in another waterfront area. You want to make sure you’re going to get the home of your dreams and before you choose your lot, consider these tips and speak to your builder.