Usually, the discussion about doors inside a custom home has more to do with the colors, design, and materials than about hiding a room from plain sight. However, your custom home can be designed to include a secret room or two, if you prefer.

There are ways to hide the doors, make them blend in or simply make them hidden if you want a secret room. Here are some of the types of secret rooms most popular with custom home designs.

laundry room hidden barn door

A Secret Laundry Room

Keeping your laundry room hidden is a great way to keep your home from looking so cluttered. An open laundry door could lead to your home feeling and looking clutters. While this room should be convenient, it can also be an eyesore.

You can have the laundry room hidden behind pantry shelving near the kitchen if you prefer. The shelves can be the actual door to the room and it remains out of plain sight instead of always becoming an eyesore.

Secret Catering Pantry

Maybe you do quite a bit of entertaining or you just need extra storage without it being in plain sight. Having a secret catering pantry can be a great way to get exactly what you want. Sliding panel doors can be used to make it look like there’s just a wall there, but it opens into a catering kitchen. It’s also possible to hide this type of room behind shelving that acts as the door.

A Safe Room Maybe you want a safe room or s small study to be your secret room. You can add an automated door that’s actually a shelving unit or entertainment unit that turns to let you into the room. This can be done in a way to allow you to store your expensive items out of sight and keep the children from going through them.

Secret Wine Cellar

Having a wine cellar doesn’t have to be so obvious in your home. Since this room will likely be on a lower floor or in a basement, it can easily be disguised to look like there’s nothing but a wall there. The doors need to be vapor-tight, but also provide access to the room.

The best and most popular way to hide a wine cellar is with a bookshelf that opens like a door. This could lead to stairs that go into the wine cellar and can give you the perfect access while remaining hidden.

A Secret Office

If you want to get away from the kids, the company or just escape for working, a secret office is a way to go. You can hide it behind built-in bookshelves or another type of structure that blends into the wall. Then, when you escape into your office, nobody will disturb you while you’re getting work done.

A Secret Master Suite

Those that entertain quite a bit may love the idea of hiding the master suite out of sight. This can be done in a very easy way by blending the door into the wall. It could be a part of an under the stairs shelving unit that’s built-in or it could look like a simple bookshelf.

custom basement plmyouth mn

Hiding a Safe

While it’s not a secret room, another option to hold valuable is hiding a safe. This can be done in the floors, in a secret room or behind wall art. It can also be done in many other ways. The key is to make the door to the safe or the cover blend into the wall or area it’s found.

Secret Man Cave

While you want to be able to escape with your guy friends and watch the big game, you may want this area to be hidden. Why? It’s just cool and you’ll a bit more like James Bond. Imagine having your guys over for the big game and showing off your new secret room they cannot find without your help.

There are several ways to hide the entry point to any room in your home if you want it to become secret. The best secret rooms look like they don’t even exist and the basement makes for a perfect place for a secret room because nobody has to know you have a basement.

Whether you want to use the bookshelf trick, sliding doors or another trick to hide your secret room, it’s possible in a custom-built home. Since every detail can be created to fit your dream, you can have a secret room of any type.