When it comes time to remodel, it may be all about changing the way your home looks. Of course, it could be about adding value or appeal to get your home sold, too. Regardless, the kitchen is one of the most popular areas of any home to remodel.

When you change things in the kitchen, you have the ability to do so much. You can add storage, you can redesign the layout and you can do so much with the space to make it your own. However, the question almost always comes up, should you replace or reface the kitchen cabinets?

Advantages of Refacing

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Refacing kitchen cabinets often means changing the doors or painting the cabinets instead of replacing the entire unit. There are several advantages of refacing, such as:

  • Doesn’t Take as Long – Refacing kitchen cabinets doesn’t require the entire unit to be removed. It will take much less time to get the job done compared to replacing the cabinets.
  • More Budget-Friendly – The main reason homeowners choose to reface the cabinets is the cost. It’s far cheaper to reface kitchen cabinets than to replace them completely.
  • More Time to Choose Styles and Finishes – Refacing requires you to be aware of the time for the remodel as it’s a bit more fast-paced. This means you will take the time before to choose the materials you want to be used for the job.

While these three benefits are the main ones, you will also get an entirely new look when you reface your cabinets. Usually, homeowners make the decision based on the budget, but there’s also no need to discard old cabinets if they are still in solid condition.

Advantages of Replacing Your Cabinets

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While refacing isn’t as expensive, it may not be the right choice for you. Replacing kitchen cabinets comes with plenty of advantages, as well. Here are a few to consider:

  • Only Option if Refacing Isn’t Possible – There are situations where refacing simply isn’t an option or isn’t the best option. Not every kitchen cabinet can be refaced and some may be too damaged to be refaced. When this is the case, replacing is the option to choose.
  • Ability to Change the Layout – Ripping out the old kitchen cabinets means you have a blank slate to work with. This gives you the ability to buy new cabinets and choose the layout you prefer with those cabinets.
  • Upgrade the Material – With refacing, you are keeping the old material for some of the cabinets. When you replace your kitchen cabinets, you will be gaining the ability to upgrade the material to the type of material you prefer.

Replacing your kitchen cabinets offer plenty of benefits, but it’s the more costly option. While budget shouldn’t dictate every decision, if you’re budget is tight, replacing the cabinets may be difficult to swing.

The decision between refacing and replacing really comes down to your preference and the current shape of your cabinets. If you have the budget to replace your cabinets and you prefer something brand new, it could be the right choice. However, on a tighter remodeling budget, refacing makes sense.