The HBRE Proven Process

The HBRE Proven Process2018-12-03T16:21:36+00:00


At HBRE, we meet with you to get a clear perspective on your wants and needs for your project. Once we have a clear scope of work, we’ll move into the “Proposal” phase.Our Sales Representative works with you to ensure your estimate is reflective of the cost of producing your dream project. We know that covering all the details on the front end will lead to an amazing finished product.

We can share with you multiple versions of the proposal to make sure the agreed upon plan is within budget and gets you exactly what you are looking for.


Once you’ve made the decision to move forward with your project, we’ll advance to the “Plan” phase. We have you sign the contract and introduce you to our amazing project management software, BuilderTrend. This software will allow you to see how your project is being managed from start to finish.We take the items in your proposal and create a “Selection List” in BuilderTrend for your chosen project materials.

We also devote a dedicated Designer from our team to your project to help you make it amazing! Our Design Team will be the key component to helping you define and create your dream project.


Once we have the materials selected, it is time for the “Produce” phase. This is where the Designer and the Project Manager assigned to your project will meet with you to go over the concept that you and the Designer have come up with. Your Project Manager will then lead the team from demolition all the way to the final finishing touches.

Our Project Managers are great at keeping you informed from start to finish. Their goal is to deliver an amazing project that stays on time and on budget, and ultimately, makes you smile.

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If you’re not quite ready for the “Proposal” phase, we can set you up with an “Interior Design Session”. This option allows you and one of our Designers to develop a visual concept and plan before diving into a remodel project.

The cost for this session is $500.00 and it gives you some concepts and ideas you can use regardless of who you choose to work with for your remodel. If you choose to work with HBRE, the cost of the session will be rebated back toward the cost of your project.

If this is a better fit for you, we’d be happy to send one of our Designers out to discuss it further.