While your bathroom needs to be functional, it should also be a very relaxing space. When you’ve had a hard day at work, it’s been a long weekend with the kids or you simply just need to escape, your master bathroom could be the oasis you seek.

With the right design tips, you can create a super relaxing space in your master bathroom. Whether you’re designing a custom home or remodeling your current home, the following tips will help you create a spa-like oasis perfect for relaxing.

It’s All about the Colors

custom bathroom plymouth mnThe easiest and fastest way to make your master bathroom feel relaxing is with fresh paint. The right color scheme will turn your bathroom into the oasis you desire. Choosing neutral or earth tones is best for a peaceful environment. Consider shades of blue or green and even white, gray or beige.

Ditch the Fluorescent Lights

Nobody wants to feel like they are still at the office when they have arrived home. If your master bathroom had fluorescent lights, get rid of them. Choose warm LED lighting instead for a much more peaceful atmosphere.

Add a Few Plants

The right greenery can turn your drab bathroom into the perfect place to escape the troubles of the day. Adding real or fake succulents will help to give your bathroom that perfect feel and a wonderful look.

Don’t Allow Clutter

Clutter isn’t relaxing and feeling like you have to clean when you want to relax isn’t the way to go. Keeping your master bathroom organized goes a very long way to making it a place for peace and tranquility.

The Soaker Tub is Perfect!

custom bathroom in plymouth mnIt’s hard not to be relaxed when you’re soaking in the perfect hot water bath with your favorite soaps, salts and other bath products. Having a soaker tub added to your master bathroom will give you the escape you desire. They come in many different styles and there’s something out there to fit just about any budget.

Use these tips to ensure you get the master bathroom you desire in your new custom home. Of course, if you’re remodeling your current home, you can also create a more relaxing bathroom with these professional tips.