Are you considering remodeling a bathroom and you’re not sure what a wet bathroom is? Maybe you’ve heard this term, but you simply don’t know what it means. It may also be referred to as a “wet bath” but they are the same thing.

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While you may not understand what this term means, it’s very popular in other countries. Wet bathrooms have been the standard in most other countries for many years. This concept is catching on in the United States and becoming far more popular. If you’ve stayed in a hotel, you’ve likely experienced this concept.

What is a Wet Bathroom?

A wet bathroom is a bathroom with the sink, shower, tub, and toilet designed in a way where all surfaces can get wet or damp. Usually, there is a shower glass or curtain to protect surfaces near a shower or bathtub. This isn’t necessary for a wet bathroom as the tile is used on the walls and the floor. All surfaces are waterproofed when you have a wet bath.

Benefits of a Wet Bath

One of the major benefits of a wet bathroom is the design ability in a smaller space. If space is a premium in your home, a wet bathroom may give you exactly what you want. It can open up plenty of possibilities in a smaller space.

Another benefit is the ability to create a modern layout without a tacky shower curtain. While some wet bathrooms do include a glass door for the shower, it’s often used for aesthetics and not for protection. You don’t need any doors or curtains in a wet bathroom, which can give you a better bathroom in a smaller space.

Things to Consider with a Wet Bathroom

This type of concept provides a great solution for a smaller space, however, there are a couple things to consider.

First, if you have a larger area, you may not want to use a wet bathroom concept. There won’t be a glass door to help hold in the steam from your shower. In a smaller space, this doesn’t matter much, but in a larger space, the bathroom can become cooler, which may take away from your experience.

Second, small bathrooms are often less expensive, but making it a wet bath could cost a bit more. Since you will be tilling the floor and the walls, it could cost a bit more to use this concept, even in a smaller space. Using a large-format porcelain tile for the floor and walls can help keep the budget under control.

Finally, it’s possible to use the wet bathroom concept to create a bathroom from a closet or smaller space. It’s actually a great way to add a bathroom to your home in the guest room or in another smaller space.

There are several ways to redesign your bathroom. If you’re considering remodeling a bathroom and it’s smaller, consider using the wet bathroom concept to get the most out of your space.