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The Conrad is the perfect example of a Craftsman Home

When you decide you want to build a custom home, you get the unique experience of choosing your architectural style. You don’t have to follow any specific rules when it comes to choosing this style or get stuck with the style of an existing home. It’s up to you and there are plenty to choose from.

When you decide to build a custom home, you want to make sure you get what you want. Here are some of the common architectural styles to consider.

Craftsman Homes

A home with a porch and often with thick square or round columns, the craftsman style offers low-pitched roofs with wide eaves. Usually, this type of home includes exposed beams and the homes are made from natural materials, such as brick, wood or stone.

The Conrad is a great example of a craftsman home. It has an appealing open floor plan design with a three-car garage and five bedrooms. This design comes in with nearly 2,600 square feet and a large finished basement.

Craftsman homes often have a fireplace and may have built-in furniture. They are also known for open floor plans.

Contemporary Homes

Another popular style offering rounded lines with natural elements and bold colors, the contemporary home offers something unique. These homes often have plenty of windows and offers a bit of a mid-century modern feel.


custom farm house design and build in plymouth mn

The Gale is the perfect example of a Farmhouse

Offering a functional porch with plenty of space, the farmhouse used to be found only in rural areas. Today, it’s a very popular design with both formal and informal spaces. This type of architectural style offers plenty of space with a very functional layout.

The Gale is a great choice for those looking for farmhouse architecture. This design offers a wonderful porch with the feeling of the country mixed with modern living. It’s a rustic choice with nearly 2,500 square feet and indoor-outdoor living.

These are just three of the many architectural styles you can choose from when building a custom home. Make sure you get the style you like as this is your dream house and should fit with what you want.