Adding Solar Panels to Your Home: Pros & Cons

Remodeling your home or designing a custom home isn’t all about what’s inside. There are several things you can do to the exterior of your home to upgrade it. One of those things is adding solar panels. There are arguments for and against adding solar panels, of course. As they gain popularity, they have become […]

Remodeling Your Minnesota Home to Age in Place

Many retire to somewhere warm, such as Arizona or Florida. However, maybe you love Minnesota and have no reason or thoughts of leaving. If this is the case, you will want to make sure you remodel your home so you can age in place. We cannot stop aging. Since the aging process will never slow […]

New Build Progress = Impressive!

 On March 28th, we broke ground on a new build in Center City. In less than three months, we’ve made a ton of progress… we think you’ll be impressed! The date that our amazing clients get to move into their brand-new dream home is getting closer! We’re on track for that to be mid-August.

Top 7 Elements to Consider For Your Custom Home’s Kitchen

Deciding to build a custom home is rather exciting. It will be brand new and you get to choose the layout, the features, the fixtures and everything else. The kitchen is known as the heart of most homes. When you decide to design a custom home, you want to focus on the kitchen design and […]

How We Make Your Dreams a Reality

 The thought of moving forward with a home building or remodeling project can be overwhelming, we know that. There are many decisions to be made. There’s also financial planning that needs to happen to make sure you can get what you want while remaining within your budget. HBRE has developed their Project Road Map […]

How a Low Cost Remodeling Contractor May Cost You More

It’s always a good idea to get more than one estimate on a home remodeling job. However, choosing your contractor solely based on price is never a good idea. A low-cost remodeling contractor may end up costing you more in the long run. The process to choose the right remodeling contractor isn’t easy. You need to take […]

What can you Get from a Custom Home for $350 per Square Foot?

We’ve already covered what you can expect for $250 per square foot and $300 per square foot. If your budget allows a bit more and you can spend $350 per square foot, you may be able to upgrade your custom home even further. This is just a guide and the features you choose may impact […]

What can you get from a Custom Home for $300 per Square Foot?

When it’s time to start planning your custom home, the budget is vital to your success. We’ve already covered when you might be able to expect if your budget allows you to spend about $250 per square foot. The larger your budget, of course, the more upgrades and more customizations you’ll likely be able to […]

What can you Get from a Custom home for $250 per Square Foot?

When you start thinking about building a custom home, it’s necessary to consider your budget. Usually, you will be quoted a price based on a price per square foot. While this can vary from one neighborhood and location to another, there are some specific features you can expect to get for a specific price per […]

Top 7 Design Tips for a Smaller Bathroom

Small bathrooms are not always easy to remodel. They don’t always provide the space you need for nice upgrades and to make them really amazing. However, there are some design tips you can use to make your small bathroom amazing. Get the Lighting Right When the space is small and dark, it feels like the […]