Top Custom Home Amenities to Add Value and Style

When it’s time to build your new custom home, you can add in many amenities for better value and better style. Plenty of great features will add to the resale value, but also provide an excellent choice for you to enjoy while living in the home. With the right custom home amenities, you can enjoy […]

5 Quick & Easy Upgrades for Your House

Sometimes, it’s the little things that make all the difference. Even when you’re doing a major remodeling job, looking back, you may have left out a detail or two. When you want to upgrade your home, don’t forget the easy details many people miss. There are several quick and easy upgrades you can make to […]

Welcome to Our 2018 Remodelers Showcase Home!

HBRE was thrilled to have hundreds of guests visit them at 6000 Ashcroft Ave in Edina this past month as part of the 2018 Spring Parade of Home Remodelers Showcase. We worked with some incredible homeowners to complete a top to bottom remodel on their STUNNING home. Guests were able to walk through the home […]

What to Consider When Choosing a Custom Home Floor Plan

If you’re planning to build a custom home, you probably plan to live in the home for many years. Anytime you’re making a commitment that could last decades, you want to make sure you’re getting what you need and want for today and for the future. There are several factors to consider when creating a […]

Preparing for your Spring Home Check Up

When the winter finally ends and spring starts to melt the snow and ice, it will be time to do a spring checkup for your home’s exterior. This is a very important part of being a responsible homeowner. Checking certain areas of your home after the winter will help you to see where repairs may […]

Top 10 Signs You Need a Home Addition

Sometimes, the home you bought fits perfectly when you buy it, but seems too small later in life. It’s always possible to use a home addition to make your home larger. Here are some of the top signs you may need to add to your home, if you’re feeling a bit cramped. Your Family is […]

Hardwood Flooring vs. Carpet: Choosing Flooring for Your Remodel

Whether you’re remodeling the entire house or just updating one room, flooring will likely be one of the decisions you make. If you’re going to update the entire house, you may end up using multiple types of flooring. Regardless, it’s a good idea to understand the reasons to choose hardwood flooring or carpet. Remodeling is […]

3 Quick Tips for Building Your First Home

Building and buying are very different processes. If you have decided to build your first home, you need the right builder and good advice to help you through the process. Here are three quick tips to help get you started. Build Your First Home Like it will be Your Last Moving isn’t any fun and […]

Top Kitchen Upgrades for a More Inviting Space

The heart of the home should be rather inviting. Your kitchen, if designed correctly, can be the perfect place for entertaining guests, preparing meals and gathering with family. If you’re in the process of planning a kitchen remodeling project, make sure you use the following upgrades and tips to help make it a more inviting […]

What Causes Residential Roof Leaks?

Spring is nearly here and it’s that time of year in Minnesota. Many homeowners will find out the roof leaks now that the snow and ice will be melting. Here are a few of the top causes of residential roof leaks to be aware of around your home. Damaged Shingles One of the major causes […]