Top 5 Comfy Kitchen Designs for Seating

When it comes time to completely remodel your kitchen, it’s time to think about the seating. Maybe you want to add a booth or put in an island with bar seating. There are several great options to choose from. Here’s a look at five of the best choices for comfy kitchen seating. A Beautiful Banquette […]

On-site in Chaska with Proud New Build Homeowner, Andrew

We first met Andrew and Katrina in March of this year. The couple was looking to build a custom home. Working with them to design and bring their dream home to life has been an awesome journey and we appreciate their business greatly. HBRE’s Robbie Hyland was able to swing by the nearly completed home […]

Incredible Design Ideas for Your Home’s Exterior Space

The exterior of your home isn’t just the yard and the siding. It encompasses everything including the outdoor living spaces you add to the home. Whether it’s a deck, porch, three-season room, pool or another feature, you should have the right design for your specific home. There are several great designs for the outdoor spaces […]

Choosing The Right Custom Home Features for the Winter

Living in Minnesota means the winters will be rather harsh and temperatures can be very cold. The climate is always something you should take into consideration when choosing the features for your custom home. Since winters can be harsh, you should consider the features you want to add to your custom home specifically for the […]

Popular Kitchen and Bathroom Design Myths

When you get ready to remodel the kitchen or remodel the bathrooms, you should understand some of the myths floating around. There are several and many people buy into these myths, causing for a poor remodeling experience. Here are some of the most popular kitchen and bath design myths to avoid falling for. Style is […]

7 Excellent Exterior Options for Your Custom Home Design

When it comes to the exterior of your custom home, you want to make sure you get the perfect design, this is a huge investment after all. It could include a wraparound porch or something you recognize from an older architectural style, such as the ornate Antebellum or the Tudor mansions from years ago. There […]

7 Great Choices for Your Outdoor Lighting

Every home needs great outdoor lighting for both safety and access to the home. You want to illuminate the driveway, walkways, and the entry ways with the right choice to fit your specific home. Other areas, such as the deck, porch, pool, and patio should also include the right type of lighting. And practical does […]

Choosing the Right Color to Set the Mood in the Kitchen

We are not referring to setting the mood for romance – although that could be an option – when we speak of choosing the color to set the mood in the kitchen. The right colors will create a specific mood in your kitchen. This is known as color psychology and scientists have discovered that the […]

Five Awesome Ideas for Your Custom Home

When you decide to build a custom home, you have a number of ideas floating around in your head. Some are very practical, while others simply won’t work or are not a good idea for your home. It’s important to get the home of your dreams, when building, but you also need a home that […]

Incorporate Storage Solutions into Your Home Renovation Project

Are you sick of feeling cluttered and crowded in your home? When this happens, and you’re planning to remodel, you can use creative storage solutions to declutter your home and maximize your storage space. With the right storage ideas, you can take your home renovation project to the next level. Maybe you had everything figured […]