Is an Inventory Home or Custom Home Right for You?

When you are looking to buy a new construction home, you have a few choices. You can buy an inventory home or you can build a custom home. Sometimes, an inventory home is called a “spec home.” This type of home is built with no particular buyer in mind. If you choose an inventory home, […]

Should You Add Heated Floors to Your Home?

It gets very cold throughout Minnesota in the wintertime. Having heated floors may seem like a luxury, but it can almost be a necessity when winter rolls around. Every year in the fall, you go from using your air conditioning to switching on the heat. It becomes a non-stop option because you need that warm, […]

Drawers vs. Doors: Choosing the Right Match for Your Kitchen Cabinets

After making the decision to renovate your kitchen, you’ll likely have many more decisions to make. Cabinets will certainly be high on your list and to go with those cabinets, you will need to decide if you want specialized inserts, specific types of doors, drawers, or other built-in storage areas. For most kitchens, sticking with […]

Boom! East Bethel New Build in the Books!

We previously shared progress pictures from our East Bethel new build and we are beyond thrilled to share that we completed the project in September, as planned. The new homeowners have moved in and already have the home decorated beautifully, inside and out. We hope they enjoy their new home for many years to come. […]

Top 5 Ideas for Your Basement Remodel

Finishing the basement is one of the best ways to add value to your home. It will add livable square footage and can add attractive features when it comes time to sell your home. Even without selling it, finishing the basement will give you a new place to play or space to use for something […]

What Will Kitchens of the Future Include?

If you’re considering remodeling your kitchen and you want to stay ahead of the times, you have to know what kitchens of the future may include. Right now, it’s all about the smart home and the smart features, but does that translate to the kitchen? Here are some of the things to consider when it […]

What’s Included in the Process of Building a Custom Home?

If you’ve never built a home before, the process may take you by surprise. There’s quite a bit that goes into building a new custom home. It starts with choosing the lot and the floor plan, and then moves on to making about a hundred other decisions throughout the entire process (but no need to […]

Top 5 Winter Home Improvement Projects to Get Started Now

When winter rolls around, some projects, such as adding new siding or a deck to the exterior of your home, become more difficult. However, just because it gets cold outside doesn’t mean you have to put a halt to your remodeling projects. Construction can still happen and there are some projects that are perfect for […]

Which Remodeling Projects Will Pay You Back When You Sell?

You probably see your home as the biggest and most important investment you’ll ever make. When it comes time to remodel, you’re likely interested in improving the home for your family, but also adding value to it. Some remodeling projects will pay you back big when it comes time to sell. Choosing the right remodeling […]

Differences Between Modern, Contemporary, & Transitional Kitchen Designs

When you decide to remodel your kitchen, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to kitchen design terms. You may not understand what a modern kitchen is or what a transitional kitchen design looks like. Even a contemporary design can be hard to understand. It gets confusing when you realize that some modern […]